The Team



Joi grew up in California. Being a “California Girl” left a lasting impression on her and is reflected in her love of an active and healthy lifestyle. This upbringing is also seen in her passion for food, cooking and entertaining. Joi has always had the ability to go out for dinner, taste a meal and then go home and use it as a source of inspiration. This creative impluse has given her an opportunity to refine her approach in the kitchen while creating many amazing meals, always keeping her beliefs and knowledge of nutrition in the forefront of her recipes. After losing her mother to cancer and seeing that the cure was worse than the disease, having a daughter who was suffering from gluten and food allergies, and a son with ADD, Joi became determined to educate herself about food as medicine. She became truly passionate and obsessed with nutrition, learning as much as she could about “super foods”, and ways to not only fight disease, but in some cases reverse it by simply changing one’s diet. Joi’s recipes are awesome, her kitchen creations a true delight. But the greatest satisfaction in Joi’s life comes from helping people. As Joi says, “I have never met a stranger”. This truth has created an abundance of satisfaction in her personal and business life. Visit the café and find out for yourself.



Nicholas has had the opportunity to design, build and remodel some of greater LA’s finest custom homes and businesses. His appreciation for warm design and inviting aesthetics ring loud and clear, yet subtle and sweet, in JOi Café. As an endurance athlete, Nicholas has a passion for fueling the body, mind and soul with clean foods and an active lifestyle. He has pushed his body and mind to the extreme in his sport of endurance racing and Ironman triathlon which has led him into discovering what fuels the body best and aids it in recovery. While experimenting with nutrition he has found that a plant powered diet simply provides him with the cleanest, most efficient energy and allows him to stay continuously active. As Nicholas strives to be the best possible version of himself, he has explored new ways to serve his family, friends, and community. And now pairing his love for an engaged and healthy lifestyle with well-crafted organic food he is sharing his vision of the future at JOi Café.



Eating plant-based didn’t just save Rich’s life – it gave him an entirely new one. Just 8 years ago Rich was a classic couch potato – overweight, overstressed, overworked. A health scare on the eve of his 40th birthday catalyzed a journey into healthy, plant-based foods and fitness that has led him to the man he is today: a world-renowned ultra-endurance athlete, motivational speaker, wellness advocate, #1 bestselling author and inspirational guide to a global audience of wellness seekers. Inverting presumptions about middle age, Rich is a 2-time top finisher at the Ultraman World Championships and the first of two people to complete EPIC5 – a 703-mile adventure of, well, epic proportions that entailed completing 5 ironman-distance triathlons on 5 separate Hawaiian Islands in less than 7 days. Through his writing, public speaking and weekly podcast, Rich is devoted to educating and inspiring people the world over to discover, unlock and unleash their best, most authentic selves to live more vibrant, fulfilling lives. Rich (and his wife Julie’s) association with Joi Café is simply a natural extension of his life’s mission to make healthy living and eating not only possible, but accessible to all.



Born in Colorado and raised in Alaska, Julie has spent decades traveling many paths and studying many traditions in search of the divine throughline that connects all life – a divinity she expresses in her own experience as a vegan chef, healer, musician, yogi, mother, homeschooling parent and true renaissance artist. Through embracing a plant-based diet, Julie healed herself of what doctors thought was an incurable ailment. This experience deepened her connection to food; her understanding of the body’s miraculous ability to heal itself when properly supported; and led to her deeper embrace of holistic lifestyle approaches with plants, diet, family, relationships and creative and authentic living. After spending many years creating and refining countless amazing and delicious recipes to nourish, heal and raise the vibration of the body temple, Julie is thrilled to share her experience, knowledge and enthusiasm with Joi Café. When she isn’t cooking, meditating, doing yoga or raising children, Julie can be found writing and performing music as SriMati with her teenage boys Tyler and Trapper.